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Why are Golden Retrievers so Friendly | Top Amazing Facts of 2021

As far as pets are concerned, dogs are the most lovable, the sweetest, and very loyal animals on this planet. For a new owner, it is very hard to consider the dog as a very friendly dog and the excited one for the people who care for him. And the only reason that makes you smile is the existence of the dog at home by watching them loving you and play with you according to your desire. Now the question is “why are golden retrievers so friendly?” as it has the same look as a German Shepherd.

While all dog breeds have different personalities, different behaviors, many different traits, and tendencies as every dog is the new creature on this earth by different possible/legal combinations of breedings.

Have you got your home and have a happy living family with kids? If you really have time, commitment to care for a dog, dog-loving kids, and resources.

of course, you just need a family dog for your sweet happy living family that will make them more amuse while in the house and make your family feel like they were really in need of that dog.

Reasons: Why are golden retrievers so friendly

Baby loving dog

The golden retriever is the most baby loving dog according to the Kuopio University Hospital present in Finland.

The research concluded that babies who lived with the family dogs during the first year of their life get sick less than others who don’t have dogs in their house.

Many of the scientists consider that this results in causing more exposure to the germs which helps in increasing the immunity of the baby by making it strong.

Like happy living Family

By reading the heading above you must have got the picture of “Perfect Family” in your mind that probably includes the sweet dog with your kids playing in the garden of the house or the yard and making you happy enough that they don’t need something else for the entertainment.

GR is the only dog that loves everyone in your house, and sometimes they even get more friendly than ever as this is one of the best reasons why are golden retrievers so friendly dogs.

Golden Retrievers are easy to train

These dogs are very easy to train while at home without any special trainer or any dog’s training camp.

This is the only reason why Golden Retrievers dogs are very intelligent, and it is the most common retrievers breed best for therapy and guide dogs even in the search and rescue operations, etc.

Golden Retrievers: A Loyal dog breed

As far as loyalty is confirmed, all the dog breeds are very loyal to the owner as itself it is the only featured dog nature that dogs are extremely loyal and best friend dog to the owner or the people in the house.

Brave Golden retriever actually gets stressed suddenly if he doesn’t see their owner for a long period of time not available around him. 

“Just imagine how happy and excited Golden Retrievers would be when they see their owner after a very long time”

Golden Retrievers: An Obedient dog

According to the dogs club in America named “American Kennel Club”, “Golden Retrievers are very trustworthy, outgoing and always eager to please family/owner dogs”.

That’s the only reason they are always ready to listen to the command of the owner and ready to obey it due to their extraordinary obedience towards the owner.

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Golden Retriever: A water-loving dog

Two-layered coated dog with special boasting which keeps him warm and as a result, they get attracted towards the water.

They love to swim in the water along with the family kids or owners because they always try to please the family with their sweet habits and actions.

Golden Retriever: Less barking dog

Golden retrievers are the kind of dogs that don’t like barking much as compared to others and only bark when they want to show their loyalty to the owners.

Along with the less barking habit, they also don’t bite a lot which is the reason they are commonly used as service and support dogs as they love to meet everyone they meet the first time.


By the end, the only thing left that Golden Retrievers get attracted by many people is a very active dog full of love for people which gives the owner an extra motivation to exercise and enjoy too!

After the great day playing with your pup can also make you active and relieve your all frustration all day long.

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