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What is the Best Way to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment?

Have you bought a puppy or your kids have the desire to have a cute and loving pet-like creature (can be a dog) at home? But now you are at the point that your puppy is not responding to you with its potty training as you thought before it will be. If this is the case or the problem for your family while living in the apartment, then you are at the right place where you will know completely about what is the best way to potty train a puppy in an apartment.

As we all know, dogs or puppies are the only creature in the World that learn everything that you thought to them while training or while moving them to anywhere at home.

But I also know that you have tried this more than 100 times teaching them for potty training in an Apartment but in vain.

Top Success Keys to Puppy Potty Training

  • Get them to a regular routine

One of the easiest ways to train your dog is to schedule your dog intervals on daily basis. Take potty breaks at the same time according to the schedules that you made and also read complete articles to know about what is the best way to potty train a puppy in an apartment.

Do this for a week so your dog should know that what is my potty/excretory location. This routine helps the puppy to start to develop its habit and expectations.

Younger puppies need more time to start developing and learning their habits because they cannot hold for a long time to wait for their owners to unleash them for the potty breaks.

Also, keep a best loving dog treat with yourself which you must give your dog after the potty session on the location on the apartment.

  • Offer rewards for the desired behavior

While the training session or after the best response of your puppy against your order or command, provide the dog treat of anything that your puppy loves the most as a treat for the response behavior.

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This gives them positive retention that whenever I obey the command of the owner, I get the favorite treat as a reward from the owner.

  • Understand your dog’s sign for potty

Every dog breed has its own behavior for the particular verb to perform. You must have to understand that your dog’s sign is signifying your dog may have the urge to go for potty.

These potty signs of different breeds mainly include circling, sniffing or it can be a sudden trot to the corner of any room or where it leashed.

  • Always have any sort of backup plan

Always have Pee Pads under your dog’s sitting area where you leash your dog.

They are reusable and also washable too. You can also praise your dog when he successfully uses it while potty which gives him the courage that I have not done wrong.

Don’t Punish when accidents happens

For every new puppy, potty training is really a scarcely and very difficult process because it is the same like a new born baby as they also require really hard time to learn every new command.

If your dog sometimes pee in the house or in an apartment just don’t use harsh language with them just resist the urge to scold them by rubbing their nose in it.

This will instill fear in their mind and make them feel that the relationship between the dog and pee is difficult.

Be sure to clean the dirty place when your dog is not at that place this will make them not remember that there was already pee by him or the puppy will not be able to recall what he did before.

Potty bell for puppy

For more serious training for your puppy, just hang the bell by the door with the length that best fits the height of the dog.

The bell will be the extra way for your dog to communicate with the owner that he wants to get out for excretion.

You can easily teach your puppy for ringing the bell by holding it close to the puppy’s nose.


Puppy traninig is not that easy job what owner of the every new pet owner thinks it will be. Anyways, with plenty of patience and practice, your new puppy will be able to learn the places best suits him in the corner.




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