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How to cure parvo without a vet – A comprehensive guide for pet owners

Are you really worried about how to cure parvo without a vet? Then you are really at the right place! Among 79.2% of dogs only 18% survive parvo virus. This is because parvo treatment is very harsh and the most difficult treatment till now.

Parvo is a very dangerous virus that many weak dogs can’t survive. This virus transfers from dog to dog contact. Parvo treatment is only successful for those of the healthy dogs with good immunity.

The Parvo virus was discovered in 1967 and it rapidly spread among animals especially in dogs.

This virus is very dangerous for a dog’s life because it is hard to cure and survive for a long time.

It strongly attacks unvaccinated dogs and puppies younger than four months.

Now I’m pretty sure that you are worried about your dog so don’t worry there are still 20% of the dogs which survive from this contagious virus.

Those dogs survive which have good immunity levels and are vaccinated properly according to doctor consultation. 

Symptoms of parvo:

Some of the basic and well known signs of the well known virus Parvovirus are loss of appetite, lethargy, bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting, low body temperature, diarrhea.

Severe dehydration can be caused by continuous vomiting and high diarrhea which have severe damage on the immunity and the intestines of the dog’s body which Signs your puppy is getting over parvo.

After reading a comprehension passage above let’s move towards the main topic “How to cure parvo without a vet”

Best 4 precautions to follow

  • Healthy environment: The major precaution

The first and major precaution to follow is that you have to keep your puppy in a safe and healthy environment otherwise the puppy’s health will be at risk of getting parvovirus.

It provides your dog protection from serious and dangerous viruses like parvo as discussed above. It is a natural parvo treatment for puppies suffering from parvovirus.

  • Provide Adequate water:

During the parvo phase your sick puppy will face lots of vomiting which increases loss of plenty of fluids in your puppy’s body, meaning they are always at a high risk of dehydration. To keep your puppy safe and secure from all above provide fresh and adequate water to your sick puppy.

  • Important supplements:

Parvovirus mainly affects your puppy’s immune system which increases death rate, weakened immune system can be restored by specific supplements. Lists of main ones are:

Above Antibiotics for parvo will help to cure your puppy and dog from parvo and these medications are verified scientifically.

  • Healthy Food:

In comparison with a human’s digestive system dog’s digestive systems are different, like some foods which are safe for humans may be harmful or dangerous for puppies’ digestive systems like spicy foods etc. 

During the parvo phase all your dog needs is safe and healthy food. Your lack of attention in healthy food may be very harmful for your sick puppy because your puppy loses a lot of important nutrients during sickness.

Providing healthy food results in better temperament, stronger bones, greater immunity, more energy, muscle tone, less inflammatory bowel disease, fewer ear infections, less itching, and fewer skin conditions. 

Providing unhealthy food to your sick puppy during parvo does not provide nourishment for a healthy body and their body organs may have to work hard to remove toxins and chemicals which increases risk of their mind disturbance.


Among most of the different serious and dangerous viruses as we defined, Parvovirus is also the dangerous one.

Above all the explained precautions should be followed while being an owner of the dog(guard dog or family dog).

If something strange happens and you feel your pup is facing all the above-defined symptoms then you should be worried about the treatment of parvovirus at home.

According to the recent research of Restelo – Portugal, the parvovirus is among those viruses that can be easily transferred from one dog to another even by eye-to-eye contact which can be the most dangerous for other breeders’ dogs in the future and this should be covered as soon as possible.

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