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The 5 Best Dogs for Running and Hiking along with You

There are shocking numbers of crazy people who love the thrills and joys of hiking and running. For this purpose, there is no other better companion than a dog. There are many best dogs for running and hiking or you can say as the best companions during your journey.

Dogs are very friendly and loyal in nature if you treat them well like a baby child. Every person wants the best companion during hiking and running, and they are in the form of dogs.

In which, there are many dogs breed that has been naturally bred for doing long hours of work in every weather condition.  

We at compiled our list of The 5 best dog breeds for running and hiking along with you. Make sure you bring all necessary hiking and running gear along with you for you and your pup.

Siberian Husky:

Siberian husky dog breed well known for their intelligence and friendly nature. Due to their high level of energy, it makes your hiking and running ideal. For the people having an active lifestyle, this breed is a perfect match for them just it needs your attention and care.

Traits that characterize huskies are their endurance, beauty, and power making them best-hiking partners. They can easily survive in extremely cold temperature due to their warm double-layer coated fur and also due to their origin – sled dogs in the harsh Russian snow.

After acknowledging all their traits, Siberian huskies may be the best partners you are looking for. 


 This breed, usually well known for its hunting skills. It is larger in size and can easily hunt down deer, and beers, etc. Naturally, this breed has excellent endurance and stamina.

And, with proper guidance and proper training, it can prove itself during hiking trials. 

Due to its high level of stamina and energy, it can easily hike with its master as long as he/she can.

You can rely on it as the Weimaraner breed has super bold personalities and it always eager to please its master. It can prove itself in the lists of best-hiking dogs

Golden Retriever:

The golden retriever, usually well known for its cuteness like a baby child and loyalty. Almost most adopted breed all over the world especially in America. They need a lot of activities to be happy as they have outgoing and lively nature. 

They are very friendly in nature and are very active. This breed loves to go outside, walk, run and hike with its owner. As other many physical activities hiking is also beneficial for you and your pup’s health.

Surely, you can take along Golden retriever as your hiking partner due to its activeness and loyalty to the master. 

You can also check about the facts that Why are Golden Retrievers so Friendly

Border Collie:

Border Collie, a wise herding dog. Its mind is its power or aid. It is athletic and energetic in nature. Its intelligence makes it the genius of the canine kingdom because it can easily learn different tricks that its owner wants. 

This breed is especially known for its intelligence, excellent stamina, and moderate size. If you decided to hike fifteen or twenty miles a day then still you will not get any type of complaint from it. It can run and hike even a full day with its owner. 

You can consider them as your best running and hiking partners if you groom them well and for the best grooming tips for your dog, you can visit them here.

Australian Shepherd:

Due to an adventurous streak, Australian Shepherd is sweet-natured and an intelligent breed that always ready to go. These dogs are the best dogs for running and hiking

They are especially known for their obedience and sharpness. They are an excellent hiker due to muscular physique and athleticism. Moreover, Australian Shepherd can easily perform those activities that other breed may find difficult to do as they can easily hike on strenuous paths, steep inclines, and rough trails. 


Hiking and running are as important as other various physical activities for you and your furry friend’s health. It’s amazing to experience going outside with your beloved pet.

These types of activities help to make a stronger bond with your puppy. Make sure to bring all the necessary hiking gear for you and your dog for a better and amazing hiking experience.

We hope the above list will surely help you to find your running and hiking partner.

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