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Top 5 Best Dog Training Methods – Dog Training at Home

Best Dog Training at Home In 2021

Have you bought a new puppy or dog?  And want to train your pup or dog at home then you are in right place. Now it’s smart to begin training immediately. But where should you start? What’s the best way to train a puppy? And how to train an adult dog.

Now coming to the point there are numerous ways to train a puppy and adult dogs. Whether you opt to train your puppy or dog yourself, take classes, or hire a private trainer. Here we will talk about dog training at home.

Note: These 5 mentioned training methods are recommended by professional dog trainers. There are also many ways to train your dog at home but we will mention only the top 5 training methods

Also remember 5 Common Mistakes every pet owner makes

Choose Your Dog Name Wisely

The first method to train your dog is choosing the dog’s name wisely. Why this first method is mentioned so differently? You might sound this first method differently but this method is the most prominent method to train your dog easily.

Now here is the main cause why this method is mentioned first. Certain names for dogs are better for training. It helps them to identify themselves more quickly, hear clearly, and be used to it.

If your pet is an older dog, they are probably used to their old names at that point changing it out isn’t a good question.

A piece of advice from experts always says that if you want to keep a pet whether if it is a cat or dog or any other animal always buy a baby-born animal because they can more easily adjust to your atmosphere. Now dogs are extremely adaptable.

If you decide to give them a new name, use it consistently and soon enough your dog will respond to it.

Now if you keep a strong name like Jasper, Jack, Ginger, Tom Etc will perk your dog’s ears more quickly and during a training session, they will respond to your command immediately.

Setting Up A Private Den For Your Dog

Like humans, dogs need their own space. It is as important to set up a private den as possible for your dog because your dog might get disturbed or cannot adjust to your living accordingly and because of these reasons your dog might not respond to you.

After setting up a den for your dog be sure to reward your dog if they remain relaxed and quiet in their den because it’s a response from your dog that they have adjusted.

Teaching Commands To Your Dog When Called

Teaching commands to your dog is the best trick to train your dog when called. Here are some essential examples of commands that you can teach to your dog. They are, Come!, Stay! Leave it! , Sit!.

If you are new at dog training and don’t know about dog commands I have mentioned them in the link. Now Including these commands the first command you should teach your dog is Come!, Get Down!, and Stay!

These are the main basic command that you should teach your dog first the rest of you can teach later when your dog is giving you a response to these basic commands.

If you want to train your dog on a professional level you can also take your dog to Dog Training School Near your town. If there is no dog training school near your town you can also train your dog by taking Dog training course online and watch some free videos on Youtube which are free.

Teaching Your Dog Not To Bite

The Important thing to teach your dog is not to bite unless it feels danger around itself.

If you think that it’s difficult for you to train your dog not to bite so I have mentioned some tips that can make your dog obedient and you can take your dog to public places, park, etc.

Training Your Dog On Time And End Session On Positive Notes

It is Compulsory to train your dog on time. So make a routine calendar and train your dog according to it. If you don’t train your dog according to the routine calendar he might get disturbed.

Your puppy or dog has worked hard to please you throughout their training. Leave them with lots of praise, a treat, some petting, or five minutes of play.

This almost guarantees they’ll show up at their next class or training session with their tail wagging, ready to work!.


In this article, I have mentioned these top 5 dog training methods at home. I have written this article as an easy way to train your dog at home.

This article has been also read by professional dog trainers who recommend that these are the best tips and tricks for dog training at home.




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